Sunday, January 12, 2014

Add On Flashgot dan Wget

nyobain download file pakai add on Flashgot yg ada di Mozilla Firefox , berkerjasama dengan Wget Download Manager. kan nggak kelihatan tuh progress downloadnya. nemu info disini:

katanya kalau si wget lagi mendownload bisa dilihat di System Monitor ( kalau di Kubuntu 12.04 ada nih). kutipan kalimatnya:

Wget can resume downloading partially-downloaded files with -c option. Flashgot by default calls wget with -c option so it's already enabled. You can check it in System Monitor while wget is downloading:

Wget will only be able to resume download if the server you're downloading form supports it and partially-downloaded file resides in the same directory where wget is downloading. For more details on this:

man wget

For URL list support checkout this article: Make Wget cater to your needs

On a side note, I will suggest you to give a try to Download Them All. It has all the features you can ask for in a download manager.

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